At the Borders of Music, Art and Text

Exploring an interdisciplinary approach to composition
A research project by Caitlin Rowley

Appendix 5: Manifesto

The Max/MSP patches of Manifesto have been created largely from the help file patches provided with the programme. The granular synthesis module used in 2. Slurps was appropriated from granularized.maxpat which was provided with Max/ MSP in the examples folder. I then repurposed the waveform selector from this sample patch to allow selective playback of part of an ungranularised sound. The output module from granularized.maxpat I reused in 3. Tones.

Additional suggestions and support were also provided by my supervisor, Dr Sam Hayden.

The original project included the Max patches as well as the improvisation recordings for the first three sections. Please contact me if you would like to see the patches.

Update: Manifesto was completed after the end of this research project and in the final version comprised four audio and two video sections, compiled into a single 23-minute piece.