At the Borders of Music, Art and Text

Exploring an interdisciplinary approach to composition
A research project by Caitlin Rowley

Appendix 4: Crossing Dartmoor videos

Sample videos for Crossing Dartmoor. The idea is to develop video content as part of the performable elements of the cycle, the current plan being for it to be projected onto the ceiling of the performance venue.

Update: The video samples here are excerpts of the finalised video content created for the performances of Crossing Dartmoor presented at New Diorama Theatre, London in July 2015 for Tête á Tête: The Opera Festival King’s Cross. Recorded in full HD, the quality of the original video is appropriate for full-screen theatrical presentation; however, the enormous filesizes of the original have necessitated a reduction in quality in order to put this material online – hence, the quality of these samples is not equivalent to the material that would be used onstage.